The City Needs to Improve Permitting and Licencing Timelines ASAP

Doing business in Edmonton needs to be easier and faster, whether you’re just starting out or you’re from a large company choosing whether or not to invest in our city. 

If elected Mayor, I would ensure that permit and business licence applications that are ready to go and not deficient will be approved within 30 days.  If not challenged by City Administration, they will be deemed automatically approved. No exceptions.

As Mayor, I would also implement an automatic permit scheme for downtown developments to make our downtown more vibrant, more successful, and more liveable. We need our downtown to be the heart of the city both literally and figuratively. That starts with more development and smarter construction that doesn’t compromise accessibility. 

I am confident that my plan to make permits and licenses easier, faster, and less uncertain will improve life for everyone wanting to do business here. I will work to make Edmonton the easiest city in the country to do business in.