Edmonton Made - Supporting Local Businesses

When Michael Oshry started the “Edmonton Made” campaign as a City Councillor he had two main goals. First, to promote the fantastic businesses we have in Edmonton and second, to encourage local buying and local procurement. The campaign quickly took off after creation and you’ve likely seen the logo on a button or sticker around the city.

As Mayor, Michael Oshry will reignite the spirit of the Edmonton Made campaign at City Hall by:

  • Promoting our local companies and entrepreneurs both within Edmonton and outside of it
  • Regularly connecting with the local business community and fostering connections between entrepreneurs in our city
  • Making it easier than ever to start a business in Edmonton or expand an existing one
  • Rallying the broader business community to get more involved in all aspects of the city and to partner with nonprofits and other agencies to help with the challenges ahead. We are all in this together

Michael Oshry’s Social Procurement Plan will also support local businesses by:

Hiring locally, sourcing locally:

  • Creates more good jobs in our city
  • Keeps more money circulating in the local economy
  • Builds local supply chains and makes our businesses more competitive and resilient
  • Mandating local community benefits and prioritizing social enterprises increases local social return
  • Ensuring private sector buy-in

Boosting our skilled labour force:

  • We need to address the skilled labour shortage in Alberta and in Canada
  • We will require companies bidding on government contracts to include a certain percentage of apprenticeships and training for lower-skilled workers
  • This benefits workers themselves and the local economy as a whole
  • This will help address poverty by providing opportunities for workers to expand their skills and experience and in turn, their income


“As the owner of an Edmonton-based company I understand how important it is to support local businesses. I’m incredibly proud to have run all of my business ventures from this city. Edmonton’s business community is innovative, energetic, and resilient. As Mayor, I would make sure that businesses and entrepreneurs in our city have all the support they need at City Hall.”


“PCL understands and appreciates the benefits of social procurement. We stand in support of an initiative under Michael Oshry’s leadership where the City of Edmonton and the construction industry collaborate to develop a meaningful and impactful model.”

- PCL Constructors Inc.

“In the city building business environmental, social, and good governance objectives matter more now than ever. They represent what society values and they represent the expectations of the global capital marketplace. Collaborating with the private sector to enhance our City’s social procurement policy and give it ‘teeth’ is what Edmontonians deserve. It will backstop continued and innovative investment in building truly resilient communities.”

- Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson MBA, EllisDon Capital Inc.