Small is Beautiful, Prioritizing Neighbourhood Projects

Not every project we build needs to cost $200 million. Smaller neighbourhood projects often add more to the quality of life and vibrancy in our city than big projects do. I will work with councillors to ensure that the priorities of local neighbourhoods and districts are addressed and that the perspectives of communities are sought first. This won’t come at the cost of ensuring that the most important infrastructure needs of the entire city are met. We can build great things and still live within our means. 

Money is going to be tight, but there is still room to advance many of the items on the unfunded project list in addition to critical infrastructure investments. By moving forward with small, high-value projects, we can have a big impact on Edmontonians’ quality of life with a relatively small level of investment. 

This includes projects such as the construction of the bike park in Queen Elizabeth Park, new off-leash parks in Southeast and West Edmonton, the Castle Downs District Park, countless playgrounds, spray parks and community gardens that require more direct funding and way less red tape for communities, and many more listed here.