Renewing Downtown

It’s vital that we have a vibrant and safe downtown. To do that we need to make being downtown the easy choice. That means cleaning up the constant construction that makes downtown inaccessible and unappealing. As Mayor, I would be laser-focused on finishing up existing construction projects and keeping transportation links clear, whether for cars, bikes, buses, LRT, or pedestrians.

In order to help rebuild downtown’s vibrancy, I would institute automatic development permits for the downtown area and make the repurposing of existing buildings easier. We shouldn’t need to tear down buildings to adapt a space.

Downtown must feel safe for everyone. As Mayor, I would commit to expanding services like HELP, which link police, social workers, and social agencies to provide support for vulnerable people while also minimizing crime rates.

We need to get our downtown back, to create a safe place that people want to visit and a place to live and work in. There is no one challenge but a myriad of challenges that we need to get right. I am committed to getting this done. I am ready. Look for our full downtown plan which will be released in the coming weeks.