Our Priorities

For the first time in a generation, there is real anxiety about where our future economic and social success will come from. Yet we have so much to be optimistic about.

Edmontonians have the energy and the ideas to solve our problems and set a new course, and Edmonton’s municipal government needs to serve the people to help them build whatever it is they are passionate about.  We can’t do everything though. We need to stay focused and commit to pragmatic action to move our city forward. I will steer the city with focus and with confidence. 

Thank you for looking into our platform below.

Our platform

1. Economic Recovery, Technology and Jobs

Edmonton is a city of entrepreneurs and innovators. It is a key driver of the Alberta economy. Entrepreneurs and small & medium-sized businesses drive our local economy and contribute to the vibrancy of our City. As we emerge from Covid-19 and the preceding downturn in one of our key industries and address the significant challenge of climate change, Edmonton has an incredible opportunity to take deliberate steps to design our economic future for the benefit of all. It starts with ensuring Edmonton is the best city to start and grow a business and to do that we need the right mindset at City Hall. We can have the most diversified and innovative economy in the country, but we need to be focused on winning, on investment attraction and on helping our entrepreneurs get to yes.

2. Edmonton for Everyone

Different people experience our city in different ways every day. Not everyone starts life in the same place. Not everyone has the same opportunities to succeed and contribute to our community and some face systemic barriers to advancement. We need to do everything possible to ensure fairness and increased opportunity for vulnerable and marginalized residents. Important social issues need to be solved in collaboration with our community and provincial and federal governments. Local government needs to focus on practical solutions that address poverty, homelessness and contribute to ensuring Edmonton is an inclusive City for everyone. All Edmontonians are better off when no one gets left behind.

3. Focused Leadership and Stronger Management

Edmontonians expect their Mayor and Council to work together and to work effectively with the City Administration. City Council needs to offer focused leadership and clear direction so that our people can do their best. City Council cannot solve every problem in the world. We can however focus on the issues that matter most to Edmontonians, like reigniting and diversifying our economy, addressing homelessness and delivering excellent service without the need to constantly increase property taxes. We need to stop spending money on everything, so we can invest in the right things.

4. Supporting Communities

It is time to prioritize communities again. For the last 20 years we’ve focused on critical infrastructure projects like LRT and large scale recreation centres. And neighbourhood-scale projects have been squeezed out. Edmontonians shouldn’t have to wait for bike parks or dog parks or new playgrounds - small investments that can provide big benefits. A community-building plan that focuses on neighbourhood amenities will be one of my top priorities, achieved by working with Councillors to identify local needs and make sure projects happen quickly across the City. City Council needs to better support neighbourhoods and the volunteers who invest time to build them.