When Michael Oshry started the “Edmonton Made” campaign as a City Councillor he had two main goals. First, to promote the fantastic businesses we have in Edmonton and second, to encourage local buying and local procurement. The campaign quickly took off after creation and you’ve likely seen the logo on a button or sticker around the city.

Too often businesses see City Administration as a barrier rather than a partner and service provider. As Mayor, Michael Oshry will help entrepreneurs and businesses in our city get to “yes” faster and make investing in Edmonton the easy choice.

Throughout his time as a City Councillor, Michael Oshry was an outspoken and strong advocate for businesses in Edmonton. As a successful entrepreneur, Michael Oshry understands what kind of support and room local businesses need to launch and succeed.

The City recently added a two year renewal option for pet licenses. The fees for two year renewals aren’t cheaper per year but they acknowledge the annoyance of renewing pet licenses year in and year out. It was a good start but doesn’t go far enough. 

As Mayor, Michael Oshry would replace the current pet licensing scheme with a lifetime pet licensing program. This would make citizens' lives easier and would be more efficient for the City and its limited resources.

City procurement policies can do much more to boost social and economic value in Edmonton than our current policies do. Backed by large employers in the Edmonton area, Michael Oshry will build a new, viable and effective social procurement plan that prioritizes local social and environmental factors.

For the last 20 years Edmonton has focused on huge infrastructure projects like LRT and large-scale recreation centres. Those projects are important, but we need an infrastructure plan that also:

For decades we’ve looked at West Rossdale, at the centre of our city, and wondered about the unfulfilled potential of the space. This is a site that should be the jewel of our city and deserves to be treated as a priority:

As mayor, Michael Oshry would build a universal, city-wide Free Play and After-School program, in partnership with nonprofits and charities, local school boards, and other orders of government. This would benefit Edmonton families in many ways:

Today, Mayoral Candidate Michael Oshry called for the City to step away from its role as lead developer of the Blatchford lands. 

(amiskwacîwâskahikan) I was dismayed to hear about the findings of a mass grave at the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in Kamloops, BC. The tragic history of residential schools continues to remind us how far we have to go to achieve reconciliation in our country.