Measuring Our Competitiveness

Building the foundation for Edmonton’s economic competitiveness is a City responsibility that hasn’t gotten the focus it needs. If elected, Michael Oshry will work to change that.

To start with, our local government should be able to provide a clear picture of:

  • How well we’re meeting the needs of businesses in Edmonton 
  • How attractive Edmonton is to potential investors
  • How well we’re promoting our city
  • How we compare to other North American cities on measures like:
    • Market connections
    • Access to capital
    • Regulatory/government support for businesses

That’s why an Oshry administration will produce an annual Competitiveness Report, to help us build on our City’s strengths, tell us where we can improve and highlight Edmonton’s advantages.

To lay the foundation for future success, we also need to focus our economic development spending. Oshry will invest those dollars in strategic top-priority areas such as:

An economic plan that supports people working to seize economic opportunities, like the hydrogen economy and building a vibrant tech sector

  • Supporting the thousands of small businesses in Edmonton
  • Physical and digital connectivity, including 5G readiness
  • Access to talented people and innovative thinkers who will help grow our next economy
  • Regulators who safely and efficiently enable opportunity
  • Helping post-secondary institutions convert great research into viable business ventures

Finally, an Oshry administration will make immediate changes to how the City serves our business customers, starting with:

  • A guarantee that anyone who has an appropriate plan ready to go will receive their permit or business license within 30 days – no exceptions.
  • An “Edmonton Made” procurement strategy that supports local businesses by prioritizing locally-made products/services and companies that locate in Edmonton.

We need to create a culture in the administration, from the top to the bottom, where the City’s primary question is “how can we help you?”. Making these changes will help put that spirit of service into practice and expand economic opportunities that benefit Edmontonians.

Michael Oshry Quote:

“Edmonton needs to deliver some wins – by being a better partner that helps our business community succeed, and by ensuring investors see Edmonton as a city that will help them succeed. Our Economic Competitiveness Report will highlight our strengths, identify barriers to success, and ensure City Council and our citizens see a clear path to improvement.”