Michael Oshry announces he will implement mandatory vaccinations or rapid tests at individuals' expense for all City employees

Edmonton – If elected mayor, Michael Oshry will implement mandatory vaccinations for all City of Edmonton employees and for those using City facilities, he announced Tuesday.

All City staff and people using City facilities will have to show proof of vaccination, proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or proof of medical exemption. Children under 12 will be exempt from the mandatory vaccination policy.

Onsite quick tests will be at the expense of all employees or facility users.

The mayoral candidate says this policy would remain in effect until the pandemic is deemed over by health professionals.

Michael Oshry Quote:

“I feel very strongly that the citizens of Edmonton have a civic duty to get vaccinated - if they are able. We have a responsibly to our city, communities, neighbours, and family to end the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are our tool to avoid lockdowns, mask mandates, isolation, and economic shutdown. Now that we have a vaccine, we must use it! No one should be forced to get the vaccine but if you choose not to, the inconvenience will be yours and not the citizens who have chosen to put their community ahead of themselves. Strong leaders make difficult decisions, and we need to make this one to help support our communities and end the pandemic.”

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