Lifetime Pet Licenses: Reducing Hassle and Unnecessary Expenses

The City recently added a two year renewal option for pet licenses. The fees for two year renewals aren’t cheaper per year but they acknowledge the annoyance of renewing pet licenses year in and year out. It was a good start but doesn’t go far enough. 

As Mayor, Michael Oshry would replace the current pet licensing scheme with a lifetime pet licensing program. This would make citizens' lives easier and would be more efficient for the City and its limited resources.

Currently, spayed/neutered cat licenses cost $22 annually. For cats that aren’t spayed/neutered, the price climbs to $77 annually. For dogs, the licence fees are $37 and $77 for each category, respectively. If a cat lives for 10 years, the total licensing fees add up to $220 for those that are spayed/neutered and $770 for those that aren’t. For dogs, the total licensing fees over 10 years would be $370 and $770. That’s in addition to the hassle of renewing your pets’ licenses every year to avoid a $250 fine.

A Michael Oshry administration would offer lifetime fees of $150 for spayed/neutered dogs and $300 for dogs that aren’t spayed and neutered. For cats, these lifetime fees would be $80 and $300, each. This would equate to significant savings over a pet’s lifetime and less hassle for pet owners. It would also be more simple for the City to manage and use less resources as a result.

Pet owners would still have the option of renewing licenses on a yearly basis if they wish Additionally, special licensing categories would be maintained, such as cheaper licenses for low-income Edmontonians and seniors and free licenses for guide dogs.

This policy is representative of a key part of Michael Oshry’s vision; focusing on achievable and tangible ways that the City can make life easier and better for Edmontians and more efficient for City administration. 

Wide-reaching, ambitious plans are important but we can’t lose sight of the day-to-day issues. An Oshry administration would focus obsessively on making City services easier to access and City regulations less onerous on our residents. The City needs to streamline and improve its citizen/customer service, making pet licenses cheaper and more efficient is one tangible way we can do that.