Growing Pains With New Waste Collection

The new program will reach every household in Edmonton in September and has had some hiccups, primarily missed collection of bins which is frustrating for people who then have waste pile up.

The new program is much needed as we seek to lower our carbon and waste footprint, which better separation will allow us to do. The fundamentals of this program are already well established in other big cities across North America. The idea is right but the execution is lacking right now.

I’m optimistic about the future of this program and I know that Edmontonians want to see the City get this right. That being said, we need to make sure that if we keep running into the same problems we actually do something about it. People need to keep calling 311 if they have an issue with their carts or waste collection and if problems continue we absolutely need to adjust the program. 

We need to get waste right and we can’t go back to the old system where food waste and scraps are mixed together with general garbage. A better way is possible and I am committed to getting it done well.