Getting Blatchford Built

The City has to deliver on the goal of building an innovative and sustainable development that it committed to in its Blatchford vision. This is a signature development project and the current pace of development is hurting our reputation as a city, slowing the achievement of climate change goals, causing us to miss out on our infill goals, and putting unnecessary financial risk on citizens.

Smart leaders admit when something isn’t working and they change course to put things back on track. It’s time to admit that the promise of Blatchford will only be realized if the City steps back. 

If I’m elected, I will accelerate the development of Blatchford by opening it up to the private sector. With my plan, the City will maintain the existing environmental regulations and objectives and will benefit financially from any sale of it. We will also benefit from an expanded tax base by developing it sooner. Currently, the 600 hectares are producing zero property tax, and we are all paying for that.

The City-run project has stalled, spending over $200 million dollars over more than a decade, while only two dozen townhouses have been built and at above-market rates. Opening development up to the private sector will reduce the financial risk for the City which costs taxpayers more and more each day.  If we want to get Blatchford built- and in a reasonable timeframe -we need to let the private sector step in.