Free Recreation For All Kids

I believe that universal access to sports, recreation, and arts programming for young people is the most important investment in the mental and physical well-being of our next generation. This is a tangible way to combat poverty with existing resources and it is a mandate the City of Edmonton already has. We can start making a difference with some immediate action. That’s why I developed my Free Play for All plan in partnership with Tim Adams of Free Play for Kids.

My Free Play for All plan will provide free access to City recreation for all Edmontonians aged 18 and below. The plan will also provide free after-school transportation to recreation centres from the 100 highest-need schools in the city. My plan will provide excellent programming for kids while also doubling as free after-school care for those who need it.

We can make life better immediately for kids and families by reallocating and redirecting City resources to this program. Doing so will provide the proof of concept, and a made-in-Edmonton solution that will be ready-made for the Province and Ottawa to step up and support. We’ll be ready for them to bring partners and resources to the table through the national child care program as it comes on stream.