Finally Developing West Rossdale

For decades we’ve looked at West Rossdale, at the centre of our city, and wondered about the unfulfilled potential of the space. This is a site that should be the jewel of our city and deserves to be treated as a priority. Nestled in the river valley with a rich history as a meeting place for our Indigenous communities, West Rossdale has incredible potential to be a signature Edmonton district.

Developing West Rossdale, itself previously developed but currently dormant, would give Edmontonians prime access to the river valley without cutting into existing natural space. Imagine what it would be like as a bustling commercial and meeting space where people can meet for dinner and a river valley walk or discuss business over coffee. If elected Mayor, I will ensure we finally activate West Rossdale.

I am proud to have the endorsement of Chief William (Billy) Morin of the Enoch Cree Nation for my West Rossdale plan. We cannot develop West Rossdale without our Indigenous partners:

  • “Michael’s development vision for Rossdale is characterized in reconcili-Action; it speaks towards honoring the historic Indigenous relationship with the land, creating early wins for residences and businesses today, and setting the stage for years to come with a world class legacy project. I thank him for his proactive engagement.” 

- Chief Billy Morin

If I am elected Mayor, we will develop Rossdale. We need to change our mindset from doubt to confidence, and our behaviour from dithering and talking to action and investment attraction. This is Edmonton’s next big move: West Rossdale will become one the most attractive and exciting communities to live in and visit anywhere in Canada.