Easy and Fast Building Permits and Business Licences

Too often businesses see City Administration as a barrier rather than a partner and service provider. As Mayor, Michael Oshry will help entrepreneurs and businesses in our city get to “yes” faster and make investing in Edmonton the easy choice.

Michael is committed to the instituting the following as Mayor:

  • Permits and Business Licenses Guarantees 
    • All applications that are ready to go and not deficient will be approved within 30 days.  If not challenged by city administration, they will be deemed automatically approved. No exceptions
  • Automatic Approvals for applications in the downtown.  
    • Expedited permit scheme for downtown developments to make our downtown more vibrant, more successful, and more liveable
    • We need our downtown to be the heart of the city both literally and figuratively. That starts with more development and smarter construction that doesn’t compromise accessibility
    • Keep your eyes out for Michael Oshry’s comprehensive downtown policy later this summer

As a City Councillor, Michael Oshry started on and will expand upon as Mayor:

  • The Open Window Program 
    • Offers one-on-one support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
    • The startup phase is difficult for any businesses and many SMEs don’t have the resources to navigate permitting, licensing, and other City processes
    • The goal of this program is to guide SMEs through the permit process and help them set up their businesses successfully and quickly
  • The Large Investor Concierge Service
    • Allows the City to connect directly with potential investors to help sell them on Edmonton and make the decision to invest in Edmonton as easy as possible
    • This is done by making sure their more complex applications get timely approvals within investment timelines
    • Edmonton is not known as a commercial hub, meaning many large investors come from outside the city. Securing their investments requires partnership and timely service

Delayed permits, business licenses, and necessary City approvals must not be the reason we lose investments and jobs to other cities. As Mayor, Michael Oshry will help the innovative and exciting businesses that define our vibrancy as a city be successful as fast as possible. 


“Doing business in Edmonton needs to be easier and faster, whether you’re just starting out or you’re from a large company choosing whether or not to invest in our city. I am confident that my plan to expand current business-facing services and make permits and licenses easier, faster, and less uncertain will improve life for everyone wanting to do business here. I will make Edmonton the easiest city in the country to do business in.”