Diversifying our Economy

Michael Oshry will make Edmonton’s economy the most diversified in Canada. He will do this through targeted support for clean technology and innovation, growing our existing major sectors, making City Hall business friendly, and boosting the livability and attractiveness of Edmonton to local and global talent.

The Mayor should not be spending time in small committees discussing backyard chickens, they should be out attracting investment to our city. Michael Oshry will be laser focused on making Edmonton’s economy the best and most diversified in the country. Here’s how:

Fostering a Clean Technology and Innovation Powerhouse

  • In June, it was announced that a major hydrogen energy company will be investing $1.3 billion in a complex in North Edmonton. We need to foster more investments like this. Michael Oshry has a plan to make Edmonton the clean technology capital of Canada. 
  • We have 70 companies in our Corporate Climate Leaders Program, which Michael Oshry will expand to create a Clean Technology Investors Alliance. This Alliance will be made up of corporate leaders, post-secondary institutions, energy companies, and investment firms.
  • Oshry will establish an Innovation Investment Fund which will both work with and attract successful technology accelerators from other parts of Canada to Edmonton. This fund won’t be funded by an arbitrary amount of public funds determined top-down by government, but instead by assessing the current innovation funding shortfall in our city and bolstering that within our means.
  • Technology and innovation accelerators are critical for attracting, mentoring, and scaling up young companies. They help new companies succeed through their expertise, resources, and financial investments.  We will directly target and entice successful accelerators to come to Edmonton rather than starting from scratch.
  • Oshry will also work diligently with our economic development agencies, post-secondary institutions, and the Edmonton International Airport to make Metro Edmonton an economic powerhouse in artificial intelligence, machine learning, digitization, agribusiness, clean technology and advanced manufacturing while also supporting entrepreneurship in our traditional industries.

Supporting Our Major Sectors

  • We need to make Edmonton into a place where investors both local and global, want to invest. That means supporting our major sectors to help promote them as they compete in the global economy
  • Michael Oshry will support the following major economic sectors as they grow both locally and globally; food and agriculture, energy (specifically renewable energy), life sciences, manufacturing, and tech and innovation sector
  • Edmonton has a strong foundation in each of these diverse sectors and we need to continue fostering investment in them in order to build the most diversified economy in Canada. Michael Oshry will work with regional municipalities, economic development agencies, our post-secondary institutions, and other orders of government to increase targeted investment in each of these sectors
  • As Mayor, Michael Oshry will work in partnership with AKSIS, (The Edmonton Aboriginal and Business Professional Association) to grow and support the largest number of indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada
  • To support local businesses, Michael Oshry will also expand one-on-one support for local businesses through expanding the Open Window program he started at the
    City in 2015 as well as the Large Investor Concierge service to make investing here the easy choice.

Creating a Business Friendly City Hall

  • As Mayor, Michael Oshry will lead an organizational philosophy shift at City Hall and in City Administration where the first question public servants ask is “how can I help you?”
  • Michael Oshry will stay  in regular contact with business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and our business associations. He will also build buy-in from businesses for major policies that will affect them, like he did for his Social Procurement Policy.
  • Anyone who wants to grow the economy but is haphazardly raising taxes is entirely missing the point. Small businesses are the source of so much vibrancy in our communities, we need to continue to provide COVID relief and recovery funding. Raising taxes will undo our relief efforts. Michael Oshry will lower property taxes while maintaining our critical services and programs
  • Delayed City approvals can’t cause us to lose investments and jobs. Michael Oshry will institute a 30 day approval guarantee for all complete permit and licence applications

Strongly Supporting the Arts, Festivals and Major Events Attraction

  • Michael Oshry’s vision is  to make Edmonton a hub of dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artistic communities. We need to maintain strong support for the Edmonton Arts Council, the Edmonton Heritage Council and actively support and problem solve with our major festivals
  • Edmonton has also become a renowned major events destination and under Michael Oshry will continue to aggressively pursue major national and international events like FIFA 2026, Red Bull Crashed Ice and International Triathlon Union

Making Edmonton’s economy the best and most diversified in Canada won’t happen overnight but with the right leadership, Michael Oshry is confident that we can accomplish this mission.


“I have the unique qualifications in that I have economic connections around the world, as well as knowing what drives our local economy.  I will work to attract investment and support our local businesses in order to build the most diversified economy in the country.”