Car Free Whyte Avenue Sundays

As we all work to recover from the pandemic, history has shown that cities who deliberately create opportunities for people to gather will reap economic and social benefits. To provide people with the opportunity to gather and support local businesses, Michael Oshry will lead the City of Edmonton to declare Car Free Whyte Ave every Sunday.

Car Free Sunday will allow Edmontonians to stroll the street and enjoy Edmonton’s historic Old Strathcona main street the way it was. As part of this initiative, businesses and others will be supported to be creative in using the street to better engage their customers. The City will work with the Old Strathcona Business Association and other groups to organize fun activities for all ages year round, making access to permits hassle free and supporting key initiatives, like a brand new Winter Market - with fire pits, festive decorations, holiday vendors and mulled beverages, or Summer Sunday - where patios, vendors, and music take over the street.


Michael Oshry Quote:  “The pandemic has had a visible impact on the vibrancy of one of Edmonton’s key mainstreets - Whyte Ave. The pandemic has also taught us that we can adapt the outdoors to be an important gathering space year round. My vision for Whyte Ave is a mainstreet full of local businesses that lift people up and encourages connection all year round. We have so many creative people here - local businesses, chefs, artists, craftspeople - let’s give them this place and space that’s truly theirs to transform.”