A Business Friendly City Hall. Less is More.

Throughout his time as a City Councillor, Michael Oshry was an outspoken and strong advocate for businesses in Edmonton. As a successful entrepreneur, Michael Oshry understands what kind of support and room local businesses need to launch and succeed.

As Mayor, Michael Oshry will lead an organizational philosophy shift at City Hall and in City Administration. Here’s how:

  • Working with the business community and ensuring that businesses large and small can count on the City as a partner
  • For too long City Hall has been largely cut off from the business community and not responsive enough to their needs. Michael Oshry will change that by staying in regular contact with business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and our business associations
  • Building buy-in from businesses for major policies that will affect them, like Michael Oshry did for his Social Procurement Policy
  • Fostering a City culture where the first question public servants ask is “how can I help you?”

In addition to a vitally needed organizational shift, Oshry will create a business friendly city by:

  • Guaranteeing a 30-day or less approval timeline for permit and business licence applications that have fulfilled all the necessary requirements
  • Expanding and improving the Open Window program to provide one-on-one support for small and medium sized enterprises
  • Supporting local procurement through his Social Procurement Policy
  • Introducing automatic permit approvals for downtown developments
  • Expanding the Large Investor Concierge Service which connects the City directly to large potential investors and helps them invest in the city
  • Supporting local buying through his Supporting Local Businesses Policy
  • Producing an annual Economic Competitiveness Report that benchmarks our economic strength against other North American cities on key measures like market connections, access to capital, and regulatory/government support. 

Our business community is incredible, with a City Hall that helps make their lives easier and regulatory burden lighter, they will continue to thrive. Michael Oshry’s leadership will be key to bringing about the necessary organizational shifts in the City of Edmonton.


“Edmonton needs to deliver some wins - by being a better partner that helps our business community succeed, and by ensuring investors see Edmonton as a city that will help them succeed. Our Economic Competitiveness Report will highlight our strengths, identify barriers to success, and ensure City Council and our citizens see a clear path to improvement.”